New user

New user


Step 1

1. Fill in your e-mail address information that will use you in the portal.

2. Choose a password (not necessary your e-mail password- you can choose a new password that you will use from now in the portal)

3. Confirm your password again.

4. Accept the terms of use of the portal.

5. Click "sign up".



Step 2

A Mail is sent from the portal to the email address you entered.

Click on the link sent to the email address.

This link activates your account and will connect you to your account.

Step 3

1. After initial entry opens tab "Profile" where you can enter your personal information.

2. Fill in the information according to linguistic excellence. Be sure to fill in the information fully and accurately which will make it easier on the ability of business owners to contact you.

3. At any given moment you can get into "my" then "Profile" and update there details if they have changed.



Step 4

Once you sign it's time to open your business card

1. Click on "My" in the menu on the right.

2. Click on the "Companies" in the menu on the right.

3. Click the gold-colored "Add +" in the menu on the left.



Now you need to enter your business information. Fill in all details in accordance with written explanations (an example see attached picture).

The lines on the left:

1. Picture: Select an image for your business card

2. Location: Choose your country

3. Enter a number of deals allow / H.f.

4. Enter the phone number of the business

5. Enter the name of the Director

6. Enter the slogan of your business

7. Enter the fax number

8. Enter your email address (will serve you in front of potential customers or business communications with various international).

9. Enter the Web site address of the business (later we will learn how build your own independent website and you can enter the new site)

10. Enter the keywords that your business will be promoted according to which media searches (These keywords are keywords that potential customers may seek an attempt to find you or you similar businesses. Write all the words with no space between the word and the word signs / or,

11. Select the industry in which your business specializes


Right side:

1. Enter the name of your business

2. Preview description: Write a line or two about your business

3. Detail descreption: Write text freely without restrictions detail about your business.

4. Address: Enter the address of the business

5. Enter members of the association or chamber of commerce to which you belong

6. Check the location of your business Bmfh- supported by Google for the purpose of searching for your business.

7. Check the location of your business- supported by Google map for the purpose of searching for your business

You can write the address bar and place Google map automatically entered.



Step 5

Officially your business was entered in the portal. Now it's time to see how your business card looks like.

1. Choose again "my".

2. Select "Companies".

3. Click the name of your business in "current Organization".

4. now press on your company card.


Step 6

Now it's time to see how your business card looks. Here you can browse through the different categories and watch your business information and content you entered it (these contents will be the contenta that will appear also on your website (you can change them at any moment you want- explanation later in this guide).



Step 7

To re-enter and insert business card texts according to the categories you have chosen Put your cursor over the black portion of the upper-left corner of your card (address above section) and choose "edit".



Step 8


You have finished opening your business card and you learn how to enter texts.

Now its time to log out, click on the button "sign out" at the top right.